Caption of the Week is a way for us to fill up the main page so it looks decent. Oh, and we love it, of course. It wouldn't be here otherwise.

Anyways, nominate an image, and if it is successful it will go on the main page for a week. See also: archive.

Rules GuidelinesEdit

  1. Either the image or the caption (though not necessarily both) must be relevant to comic books in some way, shape or form.
  2. Images must comply with the Image Guidelines.
  3. Images can be customized or completely made from scratch, but do not have to be.
  4. The same image cannot go on the main page twice.
  5. The image should not be much larger than 250px. 300 is too large and will go over the right-hand column border on the main page.
  6. If the same image is nominated with two different captions at the same time, the image with the highest vote count wins.
  7. After a week's voting, if a nomination has +4 votes, it can go on the queue.
  8. Votes opposing on the basis of vulgarity or other irrelevant objections will be stricken.
  9. Captions can be taken from Comic Book wiki subpages or other locations once the authors are a credited.

To nominate an image, please enter the following:

===Insert descriptive title here (+/-)===




'''Comments/snide remarks'''



Husk (Paige Guthrie)

Hey Husk, could you please let your guard down?

Yes, Tits

  1. Seriously, tear your clothes off, then go metal. For us. The Almighty NinjaPool Mask That chick that cried! 19:54, February 28, 2011 (UTC)

No Tits?

What is "Tit"?

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