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Deadpool Serious
This article is written from the Serious Point of View.

This page lists things that the Joker will accept and not accept you to do on Arkhampedia. Going against this list will invoke the wraith of the Joker.

DO: contribute original humor, whimsy, or silliness.

DON'T: rip off "Family Guy", "The Steven Colbert Show", or any of the Joker's original jokes. The punishment for such a thing is ban.

DO: modify Superhero and Villain images in a humorous way to show off your Photoshopping skills.

DON'T: copy stuff from Uncyclopedia or Darthipedia. Doing so is punishable by ban.

DO: Create original characters that never existed but somehow ties in with the overall story, or make a parody article on an existing character

DON'T: copy an article off of the database community because you think its funny. Doing so is punishable by ban.

DO: proofread and spell-check.

DON'T: use l33t sp34k, and NEVER use OMG on a talk page. Doing so is punishable by ban.

DO: parody general Fanon Heroes and Villains, if that's how you get your kicks

DON'T: make personal attacks on real people, no matter how funny they might be. Doing so is punishable by ban.

Above all, NEVER copy another users work from another wiki or website. Doing so is punishable by DEATH.

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