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Arkhampedia has a policy forbidding personal attacks, or mean-spirited remarks about a specific person. This policy is twofold.

Personal attacks in articlesEdit

Example: "Adam West is a big dummy because I'm his bastard child leftover from a wild night with my mother but he has yet to pay his childsupport!"

These are not cool. Satire and parody only protect you so much. For happy bedtime reading on the subject, there's this.

Personal attacks against other usersEdit

Example: "Master Gump, you are an asshole and a Texas redneck cowboy wannabe and nobody likes you! Please unban me!"

These are likewise not cool, though that should be obvious because they're not cool on any other wiki, and for good reason. Just because we're insane doesn't mean we can't be civil. Take Alfred for instance, deep in his heart he hates Bruce Wayne's guts but he's always polite and decent to the man who gives him his (minor) salary.

Consequences of violating NPAEdit

Users who violate Arkhampedia's No Personal Attacks rule are subject to stricter blocking rules than for most transgressions. So NPA, bitch!

…Oh, whoops, I just PAed you. Time to ban myself... *sigh*

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