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"Bart is... he's... well, he has good intentions."

Bart Allen, also known as Impulse, Kid Flash and the Flash is a guy who's very, very, very, very fast. As the fourth in a long line of speedsters, or a much larger number if you count time travel from the stupid future where he was born. He spends most of his time with the Teen Titans.



Bart Allen was basically a test-tube baby, and they raised him to a teenager in the space of a couple of days. Because of his accelerated aging, he had to grow up inside of a game of Pacman. He learned to run so fast to avoid the ghosts.

He spent the majority of his time pestering Wally West, until he got dumped on a new babysitter mentor Max Mercury. He joined Young Justice so he could hang out with other idiotic pre-teenagers thrusting themselves in the face of death.

Kid Flash[]

Kid Flash 03.jpg

But it didn't take him long to realize how shitty the Impulse costume was. He joined the Teen Titans, and became Kid Flash instead after Deathstroke kneecapped him simply for being a child.

He got to hang out frequently with Robin, Superboy, Wonder Girl, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Raven and Starfire. He spent the majority of his time when he wasn't fighting crime using his speed trying to look at Starfire naked.

The Flash[]

But after Infinite Crisis, hippies supercharged him with a cocaine overdose, and he, instead of OD-ing, actually became the Flash. He ran around Central City for awhile, and even fought a New God once with his bare... feet... he was wearing shoes, but the point is, it was mostly by running.

But he made the same deadly mistake so many new heroes make. Having an evil identical clone bent on his destruction. Bart was affectionately murdered by the Rogues when Captain Cold, Heat Wave and Weather Wizard shot the crap out of him.

Of course... he just wouldn't stay murdered for long.

Kid Flash... again...[]

He was resurrected by Brainiac 5 during Final Crisis and helped the Legion of Super-Heroes beat the crap out of Superboy-Prime. For some reason, when he got brought back, he was much younger and in his old costume.

He's back with the Teen Titans again. So you can stop crying about his death, fanboys.

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