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General Information

"If you have to fight me, it means you're gay."
― Catwoman

Catwoman is one of Batman's oldest foes. She dresses in a cat outfit, but not like that. Catwoman and Batman totally get it on all the time, but that's off-panel because heroes shouldn't act that way. She resides in Gotham City.

Early LifeEdit

Not much is known about her early life. Most people don't care, probably.


By the time she had...ahem...fully grown...she and her BFF forever Holly Robinson were out on the streets, selling it. She was known to make kitty-kat noises and other catlike themes. Yeah, it's true.

She also did steal some stuff, but nobody's as interested in that.

Becoming CatwomanEdit

One day, Joker, our hero, attacked a local novelty store in attempts to throw fake puke at the villain Batman. Selina Kyle(Catwoman) witnessed this event and had a strange attraction to terrorists, and soon adapted the Catwoman alias from her earlier profession.

Equipment and SkillsEdit

Catwoman can notably whip things and climb them. She has really sharp claws, too. She usually wears a skintight, black catsuit for unknown, albeit illogical reasons.


As fore mentioned, Catwoman really had a thing for urban terrorists. As such, she often got it on with Batman, which would be a felony for most people, but people unexpectedly just leave her alone.

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