Daily Planet

The Daily Planet has got to be the world's worst newspaper. Their entire team of highly trained and well-paid journalists have been unable to deduce, in the space of over 70 years, that one of their top reporters who looks exactly like Superman except for wearing a pair of glasses and a hat, is actually... Superman. The Daily Planet is perhaps most famous for what is possibly the most dangerous landmark ever created, the gigantic globe on top of its building, which was structurally designed to fall crashing into the streets below at even the first sign of conflict. This was probably commissioned by senile editor-in-chief Perry White. Lois Lane, whose chief method of reporting seems to be carelessly walking into as much danger as possible and relying on the world's busiest man to take time out of his schedule to save her, is another employee. Jimmy Olsen also works there, making extra money as a photographer when he's not doing his regular job of being constantly kidnapped or changed into some mutant freak.

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