Doctor Octopus

―Doctor Octopus

Grant Morrison, aka Doctor Octopus had a brief romance with HER daughter, but broke it off due to Spider-Man. He then attached four metal arms to himself and performed an expirament that turned him into a red monster with sharp teeth. He then began smashing up all of the city, but was stopped by Deadpool, who stabbed him in the shoulder over a piece of candy. Octopus responded with a big blue laser from his mouth, which blew Deadpool down into the sewers. Later, Doc Ock formed the Sinister Six from himself, Mysterio, Kraven the HunterFlash Thompson, and Giygas. As leader of the Six, Ock fought Spider-Man, only to be killed when Spider-Man used a Super-'Shroom to grow to giant size and eat Ock under the misconception that he was a jellybean. The rest scrambled, and the Six was no more.