Drugs 01

Listen to the Teen Titans. Except for Kid Flash.

Drugs 02

"You always have all the answers, Green Arrow. Well, what's your answer to THAT--?"
Green Lantern

Drugs are the archenemy of teenagers everywhere. And you might not know you're addicted to them even as we speak. They're illegal, and they're harmful, and you shouldn't take them. Don't get us wrong about that, kids. They ruin lives all the time... and in some cases, they actually do turn people evil. We don't condone drugs, and the evil that comes along with them. But we do condone discussion.

Drugs 05

Peer pressure in action.

Ask your tokin' school junkie. Nobody has ever said "no" to drugs. Well, nobody cool that is anyway. You want to be cool, right? Don't do drugs.

There are all kinds of ways to get into drugs. If you can smoke it, it'll probably help you make more friends. If you consume enough cocaine, you'll get speed-powers like the Flash. Uppers, downers, side-to-siders. They're all popular at parties. And each one of them is the first step in a long hard road of shame.

The important thing is to be aware. Understand that you have the freedom and the choice to be a nerd. You control everything that goes into your body, and it's your responsibility to make that stuff as uncool as possible. Take a lesson from the Teen Titans.

But not Speedy. Don't talk to Speedy about drugs ever, ever, ever. Please.

Just remember. Knowing is half the battle. Please sign our pamphlet.

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