Snapper Cheetah 01

'Snapper' knows what we're talking about. Aww, yeah.

Sometimes, when two different creatures who love each other very, very much sin against god, a magical thing can happen. A furry is a person with fuzzy, fuzzy soft adorable hair. Maybe a tail. And probably whatever else you need to get you going. Most of the time, bestiality is totally uncool. Totally. Uncool. Stop that. We're not kidding. Put down the hamster. Look with your eyes, not your hands. But if it looks like a hot babe... who are we to judge? Sometimes magic makes weird things happen... other times, maybe it's just the costume.

Examples includeEdit

  • Beast Boy can turn into any animal you want. The implications are staggering, ladies.
  • Catwoman... meow. Catman... not so much?
  • Cheetah fights Wonder Woman all the time. Most of all, she just makes lame cat puns, but... I mean, the Snapper Carr thing speaks for itself.
  • Hawkgirl is technically a bird-type thing... but we're not picky.
  • Krypto the Superdog is... wait, WHAT!?
  • Madclaw......nuff said.
  • Every single Monkey. There are a lot of them.
  • Warlord used to hang out with that girl who could turn into a cat... of course, she might've been a cat who could turn into a girl... that pretty much made everybody feel weird.
  • What was the deal with Timber Wolf from the Legion of Super-Heroes? Was he like a werewolf, or just... lycanthropically challenged.

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