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General Rufus T. Zodsky
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Like all Kryptonians


Zod never dies!

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1 meter

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Whitish-Grey or Greyish-white (your pick)

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General Zod, or (as his parents named him) Rufus T. Zodsky (for which he never forgave them) was a totally evil, cool, awesome and British Kryptonian supervillain from the planet Krypton in the Krypton system who inexplicably looked like Terence Stamp. Born during an earthquake started by a certain guy who's name begins with "S"'s father, the gravitational flux ended up squishing the future Zod and leaving him permanently at the height of three-feet-three inches. This gave him a bizarre psychological obsession to force people to bow down before him so that he could see them eye-to-eye, which produced quite a god complex in the little man. Imprisoned for attempting to overthrow the inept Kryptonian hippy council, Zod (with comic sidekicks Ursa and Non) was banished into the Phantom Zone, which really constituted cruel and unusual punishment as those imprisoned were forced to watch this for eternity. In the meantime Superman, having landed on earth as all brawn and no brains, hurled a bunch of nukes into space while battling Lex Luthor in his superstar debut Superman: The Movie, thus shattering the incredibly weak Kryptonian locks holding Zod and company in. And just like that, the ill-tempered meter tall Terence Stamp lookalike was set upon on the path of evil.


Early Days[]

Zod was born on Krypton, the home planet of the man in red underpants. Unfortunately for him, an experiment by the brilliant mad scientist Jor-El caused a massive gravitational flux in the vicinity of the hospital during the birthing, giving Zod a highly condensed spine and rendering him a midget for life. The repercussions of this event were to be felt across the galaxy, as the little maniac began to exhibit peculiar behavior as he grew older (more on that later). The newborn was christened Rufus Tiberium T. Zodsky, with the second T being completely gratuitous and showing a great lack of care on the part of Zod's parents for their child.

Attempted Coup of the Supreme Council of Kryptonion Hippies[]

Upon reaching the Kryptonian age of reason, Zod shortened his name and decided he wanted to join the military, the problem being that Krypton's armed forces had been abolished by the Supreme Hippy Council of Krypton who naively thought that without weapons or soldiers war would be impossible. Zod, being most displeased with what he perceived to be pansy-schmanzy pacifism, decided that the simplest way to solve this problem would be destroy the Kryptonian Council with a needlessly complex and overpowered device which cannot be explained here as it is based on the principle of scientific-mumbo jumbo. Anyways, after a series of events not entirely understood by researchers, the awesome Zod was taken captive by the authorities.

Exile to the Phantom Zone[]