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"Life on the streets of Gotham City is a tough thing. Sometimes, you gotta do tough things to make ends meet. And somebody threatens your business... you throw non-fatal acidic material at half their face."

Salvatore Maroni, alias Grover is a Gotham City crimelord who runs with the Sesame Street gang. He was a frequent rival of the Roman, top Don of the city. Grover is responsible for turning District Attorney Harvey Dent into the criminal Two-Face by splashing him in the face with acid.

Mean Streets of GothamEdit

Grover worked his way up from the very bottom. Starting out as a runner for Bertinelli, he eventually became the boss of the city after Big Bird Falcone was killed. He ran it all... drugs, protection, smuggling, counterfeiting, arson, murdericide, prostitution, and counterfeit drugs on fire. Eventually, he was murdered by the Holiday serial killer.

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