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Is he not just INSIDIOUS!!!

Inertia, also known as Homestar Runner and The Kid Flash Wannabe, is the archenemy of Kid Flash.

What THEY want you to think!Edit

Homestar Runner has composed is a song from the 60's, the captain of the gravy train, a friendly reminder, winner of the Powerball and the democratically elected president of the United States of America. Son of a cup of coffee and a chipwich, he is the great-grand-pappy of Kevin Federline and contributed to several songs on K-Fed's upcoming album, Playing With Crap. He is also a trendy tote bag. Pshoooooooooooo!!!!@!. He thinks he won the PowerBall.


Inertia is to Kid Flash what the Joker Wannabe is to the Joker and what Professor Zoom is to Barry Allen. This makes him not only loathsome and despicable but also vacuous and obsessed in a way definitely not conducive to his continued health. He was never President, though President Spingebill Skorpleponce has ordered him killed. His henchmen have not yet succeeded, mostly because they are blind, deaf, and dumb, but also partially because they are dead, done, and decomposing in the ground. Fred Fredburger has replaced them with Nacho-People in the search for the dreaded Homestar Runner. His archenemy is the muscular, colossal, virile boxing genius we call "Strong Bad", though he is truly just the Earth-Two Batman in disguise. Why else do you think he will never take off his luchador mask? Inertia is indefatigable in his quest to force misery, dejection, and a woeful existence on all Arkhampedians except me, 'cause I'm cool. Um, and... uh... don't neglect to pay your respects to the Joker! Yeah, ha, ha, you know the Joker interprets mentions of personal superiority that don't place him as your equal as insolent sedition, you know... Ha, ha, ha,... AND YOU KNOW HOW HE REWARDS SEDITION! NOOOOOOOO! Anyway, since 'dem unspeakable atrocities are done with, I would like to conclude this article by giving you all something to remember: He really IS the captain of the gravy train!

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