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The aliens weren't really that big

"Thank god none of the important countries were harmed."
Superman's speech

Invasion! involved extra-terrestrials from all over the entire universe joining together with the hopes of finally annihilating all humanity. Terrified of Earth's plentiful superhero population, they amassed an army comprised of every alien with a ray gun and a hard-on for revenge. The combat that ensued ravaged the entire planet, and obliterated the entire population of Australia, but thankfully, nobody died who was actually important. As a consequence, illegal aliens were banned from coming to Earth, and some parts of the United States.

Alien AllianceEdit

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Advance forces

Although led by the Dominators and Khunds, the so-called Alien Alliance was composed of basically any aliens they could find anywhere. There was no entry test, just an e-mailing list and a sign-up sheet. Those who refused to join faced the threat of your planet destroy your planet. This included an inner core of Daxamites, Citadelians, Durlans, Gil'Dishpan, Psions, Spider Guild and the Warlords of Okaara. Infantry alien units included Ewoks, Pokemon, Decapodians, Morks, Monstars, Sea Monkeys, Zerglings and Mexicans.

The devastating combination of attackers big and small from across the galaxy was indeed a fearsome and terrifying symposium of horror. They struck without warning, beginning a beach-head by having some of their greatest warriors challenge the humans for control of their superheroes... in a game of Basketball. Thanks to years of training and Nth Metal inflatable shoes, world-renowned hero Michael Jordan was able to rally together a team to drive back the first wave. Pissed off and unable to pay their bookies based on the outcome of the match, the Khunds were instigated into nuking Australia as a retaliation prank. Unfortunately, one thing led to another, and it escalated from there. Both sides are kind of embarrassed about it now, and nobody really likes to bring it up. At a peace summit following the war, Superman and the leader of the Dominion agreed that they both could have been slightly more mature, and that the incident was 'not really anybody's fault'.

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