"And for my next trick, I will require a crowbar and a volunteer from the audience..."

―The Joker

Joker's little magic trick was a deadly trick the Joker played on his captives. It's the best kind of fun. People subjected to this trick disappeared from the face of the Earth, never to be seen again. Some say the victims of this trick end up in a void of darkness, others say they are transported to the moon. Other, more skeptical people say, because no one had ever lived to report what happened, the trick is nonexistent and it is merely something the Joker made up to make his torturing seem more mystical.

But you don't think that, do you? Because if you did, Mr. Joker would be angry. You don't want to make the Joker angry, do you? Well, if you truly believe there is no trick, then I suppose you wouldn't be afraid of this little trick...

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