The Joker likes it rough.

"It's finger-lickin' good."
Wonder Woman

Killing. It pretty much doesn't get better than this. Although some people might argue that it's "wrong", it's usually just ignorance. You should never knock something this fun unless you've tried it. It's like a trip to Chuckey Cheese's, combined with methamphetamine and unprotected sex. But without the risk.

The truth is, killing is not only an enjoyable vacation for the whole family, but it's also the guaranteed best way to solve problems. Because they stay put down. At least most of the time.

This is usually more popular with villains. Or the heroes that are really cool, but not the lame ones.

Contrast with: Killing is wrong.

Killing is cool[]

Besides being a cavalcade of fun, Killing is also incredibly cool. Picture the coolest person you know. Now picture them in sunglasses. Now picture them shooting a cop. Pretty cool, right? We thought so.

Killing is sexy[]

Nothing is sexier than killing. It's just a fact of life. And we're not just talking about femme fatales, or whatever that bullshit is. But try it next time you're picking up chicks in a bar. They'll dig it. Trust us.