<insert name here>

, upon hearing the name

Who the hell is this guy? Why is he on this site? Who made this article? Lemme google it.....

What the hell? This is the guy that made DC comics, back when it was still National Allied Publications? Really? He doesn't even have a picture of himself on wikipedia![1]

This guy must have been a dork. Hell, Stan Lee helped make Marvel Comics, and he has enough money to live in a penthouse, enough money to buy hundreds of hoes, and enough money to pay for all that viagra he'd need to do it all the time! I'll bet this guy worked in his mom's basement and hand drew the early comics with his Crayola Crayons. I bet his editor was an eleven year old girl with a Barbie doll dress. Oh, crap. He made DC.......

That makes him a god.

Come, let us never speak of this again, okay? Never return to this article, and certainly never edit it again. We will have the Joker personally come down and show you his Magic Tricks if this page is ever edited again.


Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Think I'm kidding? Think he doesn't exist? See here -

this is wrong too bad\