Mason Chang at ComicCon 2008

Mason Chang is an international homosexual, Chinese superhero during the age of Communist China.  His parents are Susan Boyle and Spider-Man.


In a shadowy laboratory in China, Chairman Mao Zedong was busy masturbating furiously when Susan Boyle came in, wielding a rifle.  She was quickly shooed away but tripped up on the way out and fell onto Spider-Man, who was walking his dog.  After a kerfuffle involving a Dyson hoover, a wellington boot and The Original Hurricane Katrina, as well as months of hard work, Mason Chang was born.  He lived his life under Communist reign until the age of 32, where he came out of his shell (and all over the shower curtains), leading to an epic fight with Mao on the roof of The Kremlin.  Mao fell off the roof but was saved by Iron Man, although due to the time, he was only Tin Man.  Mason fell through the roof due to his immense weight, falling into Joseph Stalin's bathroom.  Annoyed that Chang had disturbed his shit, Stalin sent him to be executed but Mason fought back and dove out the window.  After 3 years of undercover work, Mason tried again to kill Mao, so drove a garbage truck into his home, which then exploded due to an awkwardly timed terrorist attack from the KKK.  Mason died gracefully on that day, and shall never be forgotten, as one of China's least successful people.  So long, sweet prince.


  • Mason's favourite colour was purple, much to his mother's dismay.
  • Mason based his hair off of Batman but failed miserably.
  • Mason always wore Angry Birds socks.
  • He was known to be a fan of South Park
  • Mason was related to every other living Chinese man.
  • Mason had a wife, Jennifer Lopez and a daughter, Scooby Doo, who both died in a fiery explosion at the local sewage works.