"In death, the Black Lantern "Michael Jackson" is a terrible sight to behold. His flesh is rotting, nothing sticks to his bones, his body parts are falling off, and... wait, they always did that."
Kyle Rayner

Michael Jackson was a celebrated entertainer widely renowned as the King of Pop. After suffering a cardiac arrest in 2009, he was reborn as a Black Lantern zombie and fights Green Lantern. His involvement in the intergalactic struggles with the Green Lantern Corps is a focal point of the Blackest Night.


Professional careerEdit

The dead Michael Jackson was inducted into the Black Lantern Corps because their leader, Black Hand was both inspired and sexually aroused by his work on Thriller. He became a Black Lantern at roughly around the same time as Farrah Fawcett, but she received less media attention because she's less of a threat.

Michael Jackson 01

Along with his zombie cohorts

He first debuted during an attack on Oa where his coordination and choreography were used as a strategic measure against the defending Guardians. A conflict between him and black Green Lantern John Stewart is meant to foreshadow a growing animosity between the two. Jackson is intended as a newer more "upbeat" arch-nemesis for Stewart. The two will also be forced to compete for the love of the beautiful but recently reanimated undead Black Lantern corpse of Katma Tui.

Jackson has quickly risen into the inner circles of the Corps, zoomed to the top of the charts and into our hearts. He is a leading inner council member along with Black Hand and the Anti-Monitor. This ranks him as one of the greatest threats to the superhero community... for nothing could be as dangerous as the way he moves those hips.


The style with which he uses his power ring is similar to his dancing style. It's hard and fast, and afterward you're knocked out but you kinda feel like you just got laid.

The oath he uses to recharge from his power battery is unique from all other Lanterns. It sounds kind of like "Beat It" but in place of the usual lyrics, mostly consists of zombie moaning and cravings for brains.

Behind the ScenesEdit

There has been controversy over whether or not Jackson can really call himself a Black Lantern, when he appears to be a White Lantern. This has alienated himself and his music somewhat from the Lantern Corps he originally associated himself with. Although many find that Lanterns from all corps can enjoy his earlier career.

It has been hypothesized that instead of passing onto the afterlife, Jackson's soul has remained upon Earth to settle the matter of all of the tickets he has to refund after dying before he could finish his last concert.

Jackson is often criticized for his over-eagerness to attack sidekicks. Several superhero lawsuits have been filed, and investigations have been led to determine why exactly he insists on keeping them as hostages for so long. These have proven inconclusive, largely because nobody wants to accuse a crazy zombie motherfucker with a power ring of anything.

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