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"Everything is better with monkeys."
― A widely believed fact.

Of all of God's creatures, few are as captivatingly interesting and as subtly sexy as the primate. More importantly, when you combine them with superheroes... you have a comic book that can't possibly ever fail to be quality. There has never once been a bad comic book that featured monkeys... which explains why writers keep on finding ways to insert them into their stories. Their hilarious antics mixed with the fact that they are usually cute animals and not evil, with notable exceptions, makes them ideal foils in any form of literature. And the fact that we are so close to them in nature provides an interesting psychological parallel in hero/villain relationships. Monkeys are also known as Gorillas, Apes, Chimps, Poop Flingers and in especially embarrassing cases Congressmen. They may or may not be members of the Monkey Death Squads, and live in Gorilla City.

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