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"I care so much about plants that the lives of dozens of people I share genetic material with are of little to no consequence to me."
― Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy is a supervillainess in Gotham City who fights the Batman. Her theme is... plants. Like her namesake, it's best to avoid her altogether, mainly because you could get a rash. Or... death. Yeah, that's the other side effect. All in all, you're better off flirting with Harley Quinn.



Pamela Isley, a young botanist, went to school with Swamp Thing and Floronic Man because it's easier to group all of your plant-characters in one place for origin stories. But dating psychotic mad scientists is never a good idea... even if they seem eco-friendly.

She had experiments performed on her. And she was like poisoned, or infected, or drank something... either way, she got plant superpowers. And she was going to use them in the most eco-friendly way possible... by destroying the Earth! Well, not really, but the woman had no sense of proportion.

Gotham CityEdit

Now she lives in Gotham City, and spends most of her time in Arkham Asylum. But is she truly crazy? Poison Ivy is no crazier than you or I... unless it's crazy to kill people in the name of your cause, no matter how absurd it is!!

Which is crazy, especially when you think you can talk to plants, so the answer is yes. She spends most of her time trying to kiss either Batman or Bruce Wayne, but it never kills them when she does, because that would end the series.

Once, she controlled Superman with Kryptonite lipstick and that was really cool. Catwoman beat her ass down, though. After the fall of the Soviet Union tanks to Darkseid, polical activist Joseph Stalin tried to get Poison Ivy to hate the Justice League, but the first airing of the "Super Friends" cartoon show made him retarded. Currently, Poison Ivy is a cashier at Saladworks.


  • Did you know...
  • That Poison Ivy is the sole property of Madclaw? At least her heart belongs to him.

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