Check It Out! with Dr. Steve Brule County Fair

Not-yet-President Steve Brule vs Pennywise, the Dancing (Dingus) Clown

Steve Brule was a pretty powerful supervillain, considering the facts.

In the 1980's, Steve Brule was the most famous man who ever lived. A registered psychologist or somethin', Brule started lecturing us witless mortals about our health on a popular science-documentary program called "Brule's Rules." When this amassed enough viewers, Brule went on to greater projects, creating a far stupider more hated more successful show called "Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule." And thus legends are born...

Check It Out! With Dr. Steve Brule[]

There were 13 episodes of Dr. Steve Brule's show, "Check It Out!", but the last one, "Check IT Out! With Dr. Stephen King Steve Brule", was deemed to "terrifying" for younger viewers and banned. It was the ultimate battle between Steve and Pennywise the Dancing (Dingus) Clown, who first appeared at the county fair in Episode 8, "Pleasure." After the cancellation of his bea-u-tiful show, Steve ran for president. Under orders from Giygas, General Portrick Starr altered the voting results so that Brule would win. (Of note, "Check It Out!" expanded our field of knowledge regarding psychology and psychiatry by attributing names to two previously unknown mental illnesses: Hunk Personality Disorder, which can be cured through occasional workouts, and Dingus Personality Disorder, which can be cured through eating excessive amounts of Myer's Creamed Chipped Beef/Corned Beef Hash Combo Can.)

Goodbye, Dr. Steve Brule; Hello, President Brule[]

A minion of Giygas, President Brule manipulated businessman "Hippy" Joel into getting him an evil statue called the Mani Mani, the revival of his abysmal show, and an endless supply of marijuana with which he could mind-fuck himself. He made himself the King of Arkham Asylum, for Pete's sake. He was IMMORTAL. Luckily, an underage carnival psychic named Ness, Jack Nicholson, Psylocke, and Kid Flash went back in time and aborted Giygas when he was but a wee little fetus. How heroic. But President Steve Brule did all he could to stop 'em, throwing strange and twisted products of his mind at 'em. His final defense was to hop on a spider's back in the hopes it would transform into a war machine at his beck and call, but he just crushed the spider and broke his ass. Giygas was killed. Unfortunately, Brule was still alive, so he got to remain President of the United States. Since the only other option was to make Senator Porky Minch the President, Brule remained the most powerful man in the world for over 9000 years. Eventually, President Brule felt like bein' evil again, so he unleashed the Joker on the world so that the clown could show everyone his magic trick. Oh yeah, Brule was not only no longer immortal since that moment, but quite the opposite and in the ground