They even killed Superman!

Rebirth is when some writer idiot kills off a popular character in a comic, gets his ass handed to him by his bosses, and has to remedy the situation. The result is usually a long, drawn out story that makes no sense but results in the character's rebirth.

Examples of rebirth[]

  • The first recorded case of rebirth dates back to the rule of Julius Ceasar, when he was brought back to life on an ancient comic book after being killed by Brutus. The reasoning was some quantum time bullshit that no one of the day understood. The cartoonist was burned at the stake, then reborn to atone for mankinds sins.
  • Barry Allen disappeared into the Speed Force in 1986, causing everone to think he was dead. Then, Some idiot, said he had time travel abilities because he was so fast, and came back to make Wally West feel better about himself. He comes back a few other times, only to disappear again and again, back into some alternate reality Keystone City. It happens over, and over, and over, and over, and over. Really, who believes this shit?
  • Bart Allen was brought back to life after being killed by Captain Cold, Heat Wave, and Weather Wizard. The cause for it was some electric rod or bull like that.
  • Deadpool was disintegrated from a device inside him, and died with a pudding body and just a stiff hand with the middle finger up still intact. He was brought back from heaven and hell because he talks so much he is so kick ass. However, he was not brought back to the marvel universe, but instead he was reborn in real life, as a man called Ron White, whoever that is.
  • Wolverine is reborn just about every god damned day. He can get hit with a nuke and die, then come back to life.
  • Colossus was reborn two years after he sacrificed his life to release a cure for the Legacy Virus. The body that died was apparently a double made by a god known as Ord. There goes his "Sacrifice", all in the greater name of the rebirth process.
  • Havok went to an alternate dimension, lived an alternate life, commanded an alternate X-Factor, and slept with an alternate version of his Brother's Sister. Then , the reality collapsed, and he was reborn back home. This guy is one lucky bastard.
  • <insert name here>

's erection was reborn upon seeing Starfire's porno.