"The Joker used this identity as a mere disguise. A man behind a mask that had no true power yet. I will use it as a means of revenge against both him and The Bat"
―The second Red Hood, Jason Todd

The Red Hood was the alias used by both The Joker and later, Jason Todd to conceal there identies from the Batman.

Meet the HoodsEdit

The JokerEdit

Red Hood Joker

When the Joker first busted on the seen, he wasn't the smirk wielding, laughing, anarchy loving Joker we know and love. No, he first went by the name "The Red Hood", a regular plant worker turned bad. He wore a large metal helmet and hung a red piece of silk from his neck as a cape.

The Red Hood's first heist was foiled. When he started a heist at his chemical plant, the Batman engaged him, and the two fought down the catwalks above boiling chemicals. Finally, in a desperate attempt to escape, the Red Hood jumped into the chemicals, and was presumed dead until he revealed later on that he, the Joker, was in fact that very same Red hood.

Jason ToddEdit

Red hood Todd

Jason Todd, the former second Robin, killed by the Joker, but, through an odd turn of events, was resurrected, and took the mantle of the Red Hood. He used the personae as a way to anger the Joker and draw out his former mentor so he could exact his revenge on the two. First, he beat the shit out of the Joker with a crowbar, then tied the man up and kidnapped him. He then took control of several gangs throughout Gotham, including the mafia crime family, The Sesame Street Gang, and went after the crime lord The Black Mask. Seeing himself as a hero that will stop at nothing to save the city, Jason attempted to cleanse the city of all corruption. Throughout all of this, the new Red hood went at odds with his former mentor several times, who eventually took down his insane former sidekick.