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"It's clobberin' time!"
― Wait, that's the other guy.

Robotman, Cliff Steele is a member of the Doom Patrol . His powers are being inside of a robot body, because he's just a brain in a goldfish bowl. This is frequently seen as an inspiration to many disembodied organs, knowing that they don't need corporeal bodies or the ability to do anything other than float if they want to be superheroes. He is frequently cast out from society as a freak mostly because of his inhuman appearance, and sometimes because of his fetish for particularly advanced data-streams.

Originally, his body was created by genius Niles Caulder entirely out of parts from Radio Shack. This was partially to test his skills in mechanical operation, and partially as a way of apologizing for accidentally slaughtering a Radio Shack employee. Despite the fact that nobody can ever love him again, Cliff perseveres by googling porn inside of his robotic head at all hours of the day. His advanced robot brain can process it much faster than the speed of any human. The privilege of having extra body parts installed was taken away after he banged a mentally ill chick using his robotic powers of seduction.

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