Various members of the Sesame Street gang pose for Vanity Fair.

"See, dawg, it's like the Bronx of Gotham, dude, but, like, ten million billion gazillion times worse, bro!"
―Your average inhabitant of Gotham City on Sesame Street.

Sesame Street was one of the baddest and most dangerous neighborhoods in Gotham City. It was the turf of the vile Sesame Street gang who ruled with an iron fist. The gang was notorious for drafting their members at an extremely early age. Dick Grayson was often bullied by the members in high school before Bruce Wayne took him under his wing.

Notable Members[]

The Sesame Street gang had a large group of various members:

  • Elmo Falcone

Behind the scenes[]

The incarnation of Sesame Street as an evil band of no good thugs was firstly introduced on Darthipedia.[1]

Notes and references[]

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