These are the Egyptian Communist psychopaths. Tremble in fear.

Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy, also known as The Rancid-Prince of Egyptian Laryngitis and David Bowie, were a duo of Communists from the realm of Ancient Egypt. The Rancid-Prince was an indigent, homeless, filthy bum who occasionally hallucinated a primate incarnation of President Dmitri Yuriev and could not speak because of his laryngitis. He possessed a sword that he pried from the roof of a McDonald's and enjoyed killing people in the name of the gods, though he would think of them as the undead or armadillos or something. He would sometimes cough up hairballs to help him on his journey, for he was also a cat-furry. On an unrelated note, his geriatric furry father, Wildcat, used to tag along with the Justice Society of America during his "glory days." As for the "Cursed Mummy," he was really more of a cursed Bowie, for he was a version of experimental rock artist David Bowie that was transformed into a bundle of sentient toilet paper after getting scammed by that old fraudulent rogue, President Warren Harding. He would hallucinate a squeaking, walking basket that belonged to his dead mother and steal jars of peanut butter from Harding and his master, Wiggles ze Clown, so that he and Sphinx could commit unspeakable atrocities with them in the alleys of Liechtenstein Sumer some old dump called Heliopolis, which was built from LEGO bricks by the '70s band Spyro Gyra. The two went on a murder spree until met by Kid Flash, who bet that he could kill more people. The result was the final humiliation of Bateman and the execution of Bowie by Stephen King in a Gotham City gutter. As for Sphinx, he moved to China and was crushed to death when Mason Chang fell through the ceiling of the Kremlin.

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