Joker Sane 01

We all have our moments.

"This is just so wrong but it feels so right!"
― Oscar Wilde

Many Strange and twisted things happen in Gotham City. When Bateman's mother got it on with a pencil, this was considered by most of the so called "civilized" world to be very, very strange and twisted. It's a pencil, for fuck's sake. Of course it's not normal! When many of the DC fanboys, who have nothing better to do with their time than look at revealing pictures of people like Duela Dent in her spandex or Rachel Dawes in her dress, sit down and do just that, which is what they're best at, strange and twisted things happen. You might considered fuck to be strange and twisted. The Joker was a master at doing strange and twisted things, especially with a pencil. Some considered the Joker's magic trick to be strange and twisted, but those who'd experienced it were never in much of a state to comment on just how strange and twisted it was... In fact, the very phrase is strange and twisted, and it's so strange and twisted that we must always refer to it in italics, like this: strange and twisted.

Known practitionersEdit

  • The Joker did strange and twisted things.
  • The Joker's daughter did strange and twisted things.
  • <insert name here>
is doing strange and twisted things right now. 
  • Supergeeky1 has done strange and twisted things.
  • Ann Rice does strange and twisted things.
  • Bateman did strange and twisted things.
  • Baleman does strange and twisted things.
  • Deadpool makes a profession out of doing strange and twisted things.
  • Maggot is a strange and twisted thing.
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