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Superboy-Prime was a whiny, smaller version of Superman who came from an alternate universe where people apparently complained a lot more. Also, he was probably the only superhero. We say "probably" because everybody else on his planet was killed during the Crisis on Infinite Earths. Don't worry, they were fictional, it's okay to laugh. He turned evil during Infinite Crisis, and "accidentally" killed a couple of the Teen Titans. He then took the name "Emoboy-Prime" and started chewing up the Multiverse during Countdown like... well, like a fanboy with superpowers. Also, it turns out he's the Time Trapper. But then again, who isn't?

Having sex with the universe[]

Superboy-Prime made sweet, rough, passionate love to the universe all night long, and she was sure limping in the morning. This screwed a whole bunch of things up, like:

Take that, the universe!

  • Jason Todd didn't get killed by the Joker's little magic trick... he woke up later, and Talia al Ghul raised him like a good little trained assassin.
  • The Doom Patrol is okay. They never died either.
  • What were Superman's origins again? Who gives a shit, let's just make stuff up!
  • Which one is Hawkman again? Katar something? That Nighthawk guy? The one with the fruity mask? Take your pick.
  • There are three different versions of the Legion of Super-Heroes that all take up the same space and don't see each other.
  • Donna Troy? What?
  • Hal Jordan was never a cool criminal, he was always a goody-two-shoes.
  • Something about the Metal Men, I wasn't really paying attention when I copied this list from the Wikipedia article.

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