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Brandon quickly became a leader in his local prankster group after he arrived. Soon he became a chairman and had a bigger influence in groups outside of his own. After only four months, he became the chairman of all the pranksters in the world. The previous capital of the pranksters was Baghdad, but Brandon moved it to Gotham City, his hometown.

The dream[]

Hes Brandon

The miracle[]

The next day, Brandon wasn't sure how to show his people that he was the chairman of the pranksters. He gathered all the prankster together (all 47 of them) and started speaking. He told them of his dream.

The Twelve Followers[]

Brandon decided to call his followers. Brandon gathered twelve followers, Raul, Fidel, Hugo, Adolf, Kim, Napoleon, Benito, Vladimir, Saddam, Mahmoud, Osama, and Carl to help spread the word of prank-pulling. He found his twelve followers by traveling through time. Finding people in Germany, the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Cuba, Latin America, and an office building in Seattle. They were the best choices for the job. They were all powerful gentlemen who pulled pranks during their life. Next, he told them that from that moment on, Brandon's own fatherland should become the New Holy Land, as it was the center of the most advanced and powerful society of pranksterism, worldwide. Having said that, he gave each of them a McDonald's license and sent them all to spread his word of happiness and salvation, which in time would shape the Earth in his own sacred -and happy- image.


Brandon decided to go after Batman himself after he got the memo about the schemes. Unfortunately, at first, he went after Bateman.


Brandon tracked Batman down to a city alley way 14 years after Brandon started his chase. During his search, Brandon knocked out 3,762 people, 900 persons, 55 individuals, three hamsters, and <insert name here> . He squirted Batman several times. Brandon returned to Gotham City in glory.


Brandon's position as the chairman of the pranksters gave him permission to rule any city he had his capital in. This was Gotham City. Gotham City was a beautiful city, but was filled with villainy. So, Brandon appointed Two-Face as District Attorney to clean up villainy.

The lover[]

Brandon fell in love with HIS DICK  after their first session.