The Joker wannabe was a strange man who dared to identify himself as the true Joker. He was a human/monkey hybrid, the result of his unsuccessful clown father getting drunk and wandering into a zoo to frolic with the primates. You see, down in the jungle where nobody goes, there's a big fat gorilla, fiddling with some hoes, and a one two three and a three four five...the monkey had a baby and Joker wannabe came alive! Some people confused the Joker wannabe with a human called "Ann Rice," (after the favorite breakfast cereal of the Joker wannabe) but she was just another Joker wannabe, not the Joker wannabe, who was the wannabe of all wannabes, the Joker of all wannabes, and the wannabe of all Jokers. The Joker wannabe probably was either killed as a result of Bateman (more like God really did it...) or the Joker himself performing a magic trick which involved such things as a pencil, but we don't know.

People confused with the true Joker wannabeEdit

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