I'm away until the 31st.
This madman user can make stuff dissapear.
This is because he is a chronic madman, and so has Administrator rights. Any Administrative queries or comments should be left on his talk page. Any complaints should go right here.

My name is Thomas "Darth Tom" Rattim. Chances are you won't like me. Why? Well, besides the obvious fact that I'm an Arkhampedian, and a Cell Keeper, I'm not a very nice person to get involved with, for many reasons. Some are listed below.

  1. I'm half English.
  2. I'm Russian.
  3. I'm full Communist.
  4. I recognise FLOOB as an independent power.
  5. I'm going to DENY you.
  6. I eat brains. They're actually quite good with toast.
  7. I've not yet been eaten by Madclaw.
  8. I have weird spiky things coming out of my head. Like prickles on a cactus.
  9. I have horns.
  10. I have cloven hooves.
  11. I have a big snout.
  12. I snap daisy chains for a living.