Batman Interrogation

Batman vs. the devious, cunning Wiggles

Wiggles ze Clown was the sidekick of the Joker Wannabe, as well as one of the most evil, ruthless criminal masterminds to inhabit human society. The crack-baby of President Dmitri Yuriev and the Joker's Daughter, Wiggles ze Clown was only created so that Dmitri could eat him, but ol' Duela Dent din't know 'dat, so she just threw him in a garbage compacter, which hideously deformed him. The baby of two clowns, Wiggles grew up twice as evil as regular babies and regular clowns. Later, the Joker Wannabe found him and went on a rampage throughout Gotham City alongside him. Both were forced to snort too much cocaine by the Flash, seemingly killing them. However, the Joker Wannabe recovered with no residual side effects, and Wiggles lost all memory of this incident. Becoming a birthday party clown, Wiggles ze Clown suddenly regained all his old memories and got so depressed that he resorted to drinking some cooking sherry at one of the parties he was at. Luckily, Baleman disguised as Bateman taught him his lesson by beating the crud out of him and letting him borrow a telescope. Wiggles ze Clown is sometimes accidentally referred to as "Wiggles the Clown." Get it right, vacuous fools. Oh, by the way, he also operated out of Ancient Egypt and tried to put an end to the antics of Sphinx and the Cursed Mummy by employing the services of President Warren Harding, El Santo, and Marik Ishtar. In the end, all of Wiggles's jars of peanut butter were stolen by the Egyptian Communists and used for unspeakable atrocities in a LEGO city called Heliopolis, built by the '70s band Spyro Gyra. In the guise of Pennywise the Dancing Clown, Wiggles receives funds from Stephen King to kill babies.