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There goes the neighborhood.

This article contains content related to the most important family in the comics universe

Reading this will immediatly decrease the value of your real estate.

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Its thanksgiving at the Wilson home. And thanksgiving only means one thing here....

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So, Slade, how have we been? Last I heard you got your ass handed to you by the Titans.

Deathstroke 02.jpg
You really know how to get on my nerves, Wade

Deadpool 29.jpg
Oh, whats wrong? Upset the teeny weeny titans took your kids into there play house?

Deathstroke Deadpool 01.jpg
I'll kill you, you little fuck...

Thats enough, boys. The foods ready.

Rose Unmasked.jpg
This ain't bad, Grandma

Thank Grandpa Thor, Rose sweetie.

Papa Thor.jpg
A god needeth a hobby, eh?

Deadpool 56.jpg
*cough* Panzy *cough*

Deathstroke 03.jpg
I have to agree with my brother, for once, on this.

Deadpool trading card.jpg
Now, now, Petunia, who said I needed a girly like you to help me,

Deathstroke 002.jpg
You need a lot more help than I can offer. You need a psychologist. A straight jacket. Or, even better, an pencil in your brain.

They're fighting again. Every god damned year

They fight better than any of the guys that beat on me when I was a ho, that's for sure.

Honey, could you get them to stop?

God damn you, woman, I'm EATING!


Papa Thor.jpg
Oh, uh.... Look, it beith the saint of Thanksgiving, Santa Turkey!

Merry Thanksgiving.jpg
Ho, ho, ho, merry early Christmas

Did that fat fuck call me a ho?

Deadpool strangles santa.jpg
Wrong holiday, Santy. You want my present list now? I want a Bazooka, and an MP7, a golden katana, and ken action figure with kung fu grip, an AUG, a Dragunov, a copy of "Jingle all the way"....

How does that woman convince me to let these buffoons meet every thanksgiving, much less Christmas and Easter? I've had enough. Begone.

On the Road again Deadpool.jpg
A vintage Winchester 1903 for my collection, a copy of "Girls gone Wild" in Egy.... wait, where am I?

Where is thor.jpg
What manner of sorcery is this? I'm floating in the sky. Where beith the ground?

Deathstroke 003.jpg
I don't know where I am, but I like it. Prepare to die, unseeable foe!

Dark Room Slade.jpg
Where am I? Its dark in here!

X-Men (Earth-5700).jpg
Who are you people? where the hell am I?

Deadpool Unmasked.jpg
Ooh.... comfy. Where is Wilson?

Smod? SMOD! Where the hell are you? GOD DAMNIT!

Been waiting.jpg
Oh... uhh..... Hi, Robin. How you.... ah... been?

*sigh* Every year.